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Most Divine, sweet and Precious Masters of the Universe,my humble Pranams! I feel truly Blessed having connected to The Divine.

Prabawattee P.

Things are changing for the best in my life and even my singing has improved. Thank you to all Masters thank you Guruji. I felt your Energies thank you.

Suely M.

My experience has been awesome!! I am feeling so at peace almost all the time. My finances are more stable and my relationship with my husband is improving everyday.

Cheri T.

I tried Trivedi Probiotics Shanti™ and Sehat™ on my dog. She has become much calmer and gentle. I open the capsule and add half in a little water. She drinks it immediately. I have experienced a good result in her behavior and her fur is now very soft.

Maya R.

I felt like you are directly speaking to me. I am trying to finish product design graduation project and at some parts it was not fun because i have to do smt. to satisfy my 6 teachers expectations. And i had some technical problems with prototype. I feel supported now i have to work a few days more non-stop to finish the presentation.

Mutlu S.

I’m 56 years old. Regular elimination has been a problem since I was born. I’m using the probiotics and am experiencing being regular with soft, long, well-formed and easy to pass stools two to three times a day for the first time in my life. I look forward to proper elimination for many years to come.


The last few days, I have felt better than I remember feeling for many, many years. I feel stronger and clearer and feel that I could do just about anything. Today, I feel a little slower but I feel that is a passing thing. Thank you so much Guruji I deeply appreciate you, Alice, Dahryn, and Gopal.

Eileen M.

The energy has been amazing and I have been seeing my consciousness change rapidly. I have been tested since May on certain life occurrences and have been handling them so much better than before. Better and more efficient at work then before. Thank you so much Guruji, Alice, Dahryn and Gopal.

Aileen L.

All I have to say and I know it is not enough and it will never be enough how grateful I am to you Guruji, all the Trivedi masters and the Divine for all you have done for me, what you are doing for me and for the future of humanity. This is such important work at such important times in our lives and for the well being and the future of our planet. I feel so blessed, we are so blessed that the Divine is so loving and so patient with us.

Maria N.

Hi Everyone ! Loving the energy so much. It has helped my son get off drugs and begin to become a man and find his way in his life. This means so much to me I am so very grateful for this energy. Much love to Guruji, beautiful Alice and Dahryn and master Gopal.


Oh my goodness I am so delighted to be here this evening! Feeling so very blessed these days and am really looking forward to Guruji’s wisdom. I am filled with appreciation for God and for Guruji, masters Dahryn, Alice and Gopal and this program being in my destiny! Big hugz to this wonderful Trivedi family.

Lezley W.

Since May 15th, I feel somehow that the decisions I make are impacting my future more powerfully, that WITH EACH DECISION, MY FUTURE IS BEING RE-WRITTEN, RE-CREATED for the better. The intensity and responsibility is palpable and brings the awareness of my life path to the forefront of my mind more often during each day.

Karan R.

I so totally understand what Guruji is saying about the connect and disconnection. I felt that at first, maybe for the first 2 years because I was on the MEP and some master blessings. But, since I did the full 3 masters during the special blessings time before last and kept it up, I no longer go through that feeling of up and down. The biggest changes have come from the special prayers and his birthday. Since Guruji’s birthday, I have noticed the biggest and best changes in my life. Thank you so much.

Nancy H.

I am using the Probiotics Shakti and Shanti. I have found that, surprisingly, I remain alert and mentally active over great periods of time, even while doing boring administrative tasks on the computer. Since I started taking Shakti, I have been averaging 5-6 hours of sleep a night and still wake up refreshed and alert! For three decades now I have needed 9-10 hours of sleep nightly. I simply never had any energy to do anything at night. I am now rediscovering the delights of going out in the evenings. So, I would sincerely recommend both the Trivedi Water™ and the Trivedi Probiotics to any of my friends, family, or clients who need more vigor and a sense of well-being in their lives. In fact, now that I have seen the results of these products on myself and my animals, I will start recommending them to everyone! Thank you so much, Mr. Trivedi, for your efforts to wake up and enliven us all.


I’m in line for a raise and promotion for the new fiscal year at work! This is at a time when the university has a wage freeze in place! Also, I am enjoying affirmation and recognition of my work from my peers in a way I never have received until now. I am calmly confident and newly poised. Like I have time to remember who I am before I speak. When I deal with people, I can speak from my heart and from my mind. When I work I can focus for hours. Thank you from my heart for the opportunity to enjoy this.

Sharon S.

I’m a participant in the MEP, MET, RIET,Retreat, Special Prayers and most other special events. The transformations for me through this energy since May 15, has been dramatic in a fast momentum to say the least-my environment and relationships is being purged, cleansed, and balanced. Well-wishers and bastards are exposing themselves to me. The mirror they reflect back to me about myself flaws and all is becoming clearer to understand and accept. My energy is more balanced.

Shantaya V.

I am having a huge transition in my life:leaving a position (as a nurse) after 6 years with several months severance salary to help me redirect and recreate my direction in life with me work. I am very pleased. Already, groups and private clients are developing and contacting me as a wellness consultant,a teacher, a healer of sorts. I fell and broke my r humerus last week and it has slowed me down physically a bit but I continue to be productive and curious and happy for the present and the future.

Kathryn S.

I bought a 24 bottle case of Trivedi Water™ during Mr. Trivedi’s visit to Phoenix in September, and another case at the retreat in L.A. Not only is the water very hydrating, but I have also noticed that it makes me feel much more mentally clear and energized. I also put some of the water in a watering can for my vegetable and herb garden. Everything is absolutely taking off. The only thing I have done is water them with Trivedi Water™. I haven’t used any fertilizer. I also like to stay fit for my physical and mental well being, so I exercise at least three times a week. I have been taking the Trivedi Probiotics™ for about two weeks since the L.A. Retreat. Even though I had to back off my regular exercise routine for a couple of weeks, I got right back into my workouts without missing a beat. I seem to have more stamina and strength than some of the people who are much younger than I am and who did not have any lag in their workouts. I really feel like I am top of the world with these products. I really can’t say enough for the whole integrated Trivedi Program. When I look at myself a year ago I feel as though I am a whole new person, full of energy and life. I am so excited to see what the coming year will bring.

Laurie M.

The 11.11.11 retreat surpassed everything as far as I am concerned. It was like being part of a high-energy wave, and this wave is still present at home, which at this point in time is more than two weeks after the event. What a relief that Trivedi Probiotics™ were available at this retreat. Other participants obviously held the same points of view based on the fact that the products were sold out in no time. Kamasutra was still in stock when I got to the counter. Not my first choice, but I bought one bottle anyhow. During the daytime, I am amazed at my high energy level.

Anne L.